Shoplifting and Theft

In Maryland, the seriousness of a theft charge depends upon the value of the goods stolen.  If the value of the property is over $1000, that is felony theft.  If the value of the property is under $1000, that is misdemeanor theft. In all cases, Maryland law requires the property to be restored to the owner or that the owner be paid for the stolen property’s value. Civil sanctions also may apply.

A large number of theft cases involve shoplifting.  Shoplifting charges are made by a uniform citation, generally after a loss prevention officer of a store sees someone remove something from the shelf and conceal it in a way which demonstrates that the person does not intend to pay for it. Since there are several approaches to handling a shoplifting case, some of which include avoiding prosecution and possible expungement of the record, it is vital that a person charged with shoplifting contact a criminal defense attorney with a sensitivity toward effecting a favorable disposition immediately.

The charges for felony theft can be called theft scheme, embezzlement, receipt and possession of stolen property. 
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