Internet and Computer Crimes

Internet and computer use are increasingly the focus of investigations, arrests, and criminal convictions, based upon a wide range of conduct.  This includes prosecutions of the unwary, those who unwittingly and due to idle curiosity visit Internet websites containing child pornography or sexually explicit images of children.  The intentional transmission and/or viewing of files containing images of children engaged in sexual acts may lead to prosecution.  Those who do engage in such conduct over the internet may believe that their conduct is benign, anonymous, or both, however, it may also be criminal, with serious consequences.  With today’s technology, state and federal investigators are able to track down and prosecute people engaging in all sorts of computer based offenses and computer based sex crimes.  One being investigated or charged with computer related crimes would do well to consult with a criminal defense attorney experienced and versed in computer and internet related criminal defense, particularly in light of the increasingly heavy penalties meted out upon conviction for such activities.

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